We help to protect precious photographs.

Photographs are valuable things. They store memories of us, families, businesses, history or just “the moment”. With technology moving constantly older ways of storing and viewing photographs are disappearing. Albums of prints gather dust, it is too much trouble to rig up a slide projector and screen, business photos or negatives are filed away in cabinets – forgotten.

Worse – these are physical media. They will degrade, fade, got lost or accidentally destroyed.

Our scanning services for slides, negatives, prints and old APS film are designed to stop that happening.

We will scan your images in a way that will store them and make them easy to view and use. We offer printing and a variety of wall art presentation for your photographs.

We do this by providing you with three files for each image.

The first is a very large one in .TIF format. This is the archive file. It is not compressed and does not degrade no matter how many times you save it. Think of this as a digital negative or “master file”.

The second comes in .JPG format suitable for printing. JPGs are compressed. Their issue is that they compress each time they are saved. Eventually too many “saves” will ruin the picture. To avoid this when viewing just “close” the file, not save it. You can always save another .JPG from your master file if needed.

The third is a small file in .JPG format, sized for viewing on a 4K TV. This is not suitable for printing but allows you to easily view the pictures on computers, tablets, televisions, mobiles without having to send large files around.

...scans were superb....Quality work by a skilled professional, would defintiely recommend...

Gary, from Bidvine review

....I had 120 old family slides scanned. The service was quick and I was pleased to see some proofs prior to the pictures being sent back to me.....

Francis, from Bidvine review

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35mm slide

We scan 35mm and larger format slides.


Selection of negative types

We scan many sizes of negative.


Selection of prints in various sizes

Scanning prints can save lots of space and mess.


APS film cannisters.

We still scan old APS film cannisters.


Bespoke rolled up photograph

We can scan images in odd shapes.